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Miss Twenty-Five #Two :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0
Fifth Female Oc: First Version #2 by BloodySouls13 Fifth Female Oc: First Version #2 :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 1 0 Fifth Female Oc: First Version #1 by BloodySouls13 Fifth Female Oc: First Version #1 :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0 This is my Fourth Female OC: First Version by BloodySouls13 This is my Fourth Female OC: First Version :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0 My Second Male OC:Second Version by BloodySouls13 My Second Male OC:Second Version :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0 My First Male OC: First Verison. by BloodySouls13 My First Male OC: First Verison. :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0 My OC's First home. by BloodySouls13 My OC's First home. :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0 My dream house #2 by BloodySouls13 My dream house #2 :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0 My dream house #1 by BloodySouls13 My dream house #1 :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 1 0 A Dream. #1 by BloodySouls13 A Dream. #1 :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0 Dragon Eyes by BloodySouls13 Dragon Eyes :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0 FNaF's: Chica The Chicken by BloodySouls13 FNaF's: Chica The Chicken :iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0
WCH,BD: Shiro Fujimoto's Love Story, chp 5
Sachiko’s pov.
    I’m finally able to go back to Assiah. It’s been a week since I was in school. I do miss my friends. I’m so happy that they got me a gift. 
    I look up at the sunrise. I’m sitting on the roof of my father’s office. I look down at my bag, grabbing it, and open it. I’m pull out two large  envelopes that’s holds drawings of how we first met, like a comic or manga. 
    I look at my watch. It’s 6:29 am. It’s time to se-.
    “Enjoying the sunrise?” My father’s voice side next to me.
    I nod and I felt him give me a side hug.
    “How are you feeling this morning?” He ask me looking down at me.
    “I’m doing much better than yesterday, papa.”
    “I’m glad to hear that.” He replies as he holds me closer to him
:iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 1 0
WCH,BD: Shiro Fujimoto's Love Story, chp 4
Amaimon’s Pov.
    I’m sitting on a branch of a long since dead cherry tree, staring up at the forever cloudy sky. It’s been a day since I last saw big brother and my niece. But i wonder what they’re up to?
    Foot steps can be heard coming up the hill. Looking down, I can see my brother and my niece… He’s carrying her..  I jump down from the branch, landing in front of my brother.
    “Big brother, is Sachiko-chan ill again?” I ask him.
    “Yes, she is! I’m taking her to father’s castle.” He replies as he walks faster.
    There’s a puff of smoke where Sachiko was. When the smoke disappeared, and Sachiko turns into a smaller version of her dads white Scottish terrier form,but she has a black bow.
    “Sachiko!!!” We both shouted.
    He holds her closer to him as we reach to our father&
:iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 1 0
WCH,BD: Shiro Fujimoto's Love Story, Chp 3
Sachiko’s pov.
    I look down at my wristwatch to check that time. It’s 6:20 am and school starts at 7:00. I jump off the roof of the mason into the sky. The sun is still raising in the sky, still enough darkness to hid me, but I still have to be careful.
    Once I’m in the air, I let my body fall to a near by tree, that’s two thousand feet away from the mason. It’s a very old cherry tree, it’s large in size. I land on one of the top branch that can hold my weight. I then jump to tree to tree all the way to the school. 
    I jump from the tree that’s right next to my father’s office, to the windowsill. I knock on the window. I waited for a minute before my dad open the window to let me in. I jump into his office and we both face each other.
    “Iko-chan, why don’t you use the door?” My dad ask me.
    “To long of a walk.”
:iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0
WCH,BD: Shiro Fujimoto's Love Story, Chp 2
Mephisto’s Pov.
    I’m in my study, reading a book. But I don’t feel like reading it at this moment. All that went through my head is what Amaimon  said when he was here a few hours ago.
    Flash back:
    I’m sitting at my desk, reading a book that I pick from the bookshelf that’s built right into the walls of the room. My desk is near the back of the room. I have a purple ceiling and the floor is rosewood. Two chairs in-front of my desk.
    When I’m on page 153, I heard a knock on the door. I said ‘come in’, hoping to see my daughter. Only to find my little brother, Amaimon. He’s eating a piece of candy, walking into the room, sitting down in one of the chairs.
    “Hello, Amaimon.” I say as I look down at him. “Is there something you want?”
    He shakes his head. “No, I have something to say, brother.
:iconbloodysouls13:BloodySouls13 0 0


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Pie Dough: Jack the Ripper’s Way

There’s a humming coming from a medium sized kitchen with sky blue walls. The matching cabinets are on the left side of the room, with the sink, stove, and refrigerator. A large table that’s on the right side can fit ten people and there is a sliding glass door that leads to the backyard. There are two archways that connect to the living-room. 

The countertop by the stove has five mixing bowls, five different sizes of knives, five forks, a large mixing spoon, a bag of flour and sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, and a blender. Each bowl has a thick red liquid inside. The blender is chopping chunks of some type of meat.

The humming is coming from a twenty-five year old woman with long dark brown hair that reaches her ankles. Her eyes are covered by the long pieces of hair. From time to time, you can see her nose and her mouth that’s in a crazed smirk. Once in awhile you can see that she bites her lips, like someone who is thinking. Her clothing is that of a red sweater, blue jeans, and black shoes.

She looks around the area that has the supplies. She bits her bottom lip, wondering if she has everything. She stops biting her lip and it goes back into a smirk. She has everything. She picks up the flour and she starts adding it to each of the five bowls, then the sugar and cinnamon. She takes the mixing spoon and starts turning, blending each substance, until she’s satisfied. 

She grabs the five forks and bowls, walks over to the table, and places each bowl and fork in front of one teenage boy and four younger girls. Each one is wearing their nightclothes, they’re tied up with jump ropes, scarves, and ropes that she found in the house and garage. She uses duct tape to cover their mouths.

She rips off the tape from the teenage boy and he yelps. He glares at the woman. “Who the fuck are you?!” He screams at her, which she quieted him by shoving a spoonful of the red substance into his mouth and forcing him to eat it. He puked it back up when she was getting the second spoonful. “Why are you feeding us this?? Answer me, Fucker!!!”

She doesn’t answer him as she shoves the spoon back into his mouth. He tries to move his head away from the third spoonful, which gets on his face and the substance falls from his face and lands on his nightshirt. She frowns and walks back over to the countertop that has the five knives which are covered in the red liquid.

She takes them and walks over to the little girl that’s sitting next to the boy. She places the knives on a table, grabs the large steak knife and cuts off both of her ears. The girl starts crying and screaming, which are muffled by the tape. She takes both of the ears and shove it down the boy’s mouth. She grabs his jaw and made him eat the ears. Tears slide down his cheeks.

She lets go of him and he tries to cough out the ears but it doesn’t work. She turns back to the girl. She takes her knife and starts scalping her. She takes the hair and places it on the boy’s head, then she smashes the girls face to the table until she stops moving.

She then smashes the boy’s face to the table, so he can be knocked out, which is successful. She takes a butter knife and stabs him in the heart and lungs. He dies soon after with blood flowing from his mouth.

She walks over to the remaining children which are the three young girls. Takes off the tape from their mouths one by one as she shoves spoonfuls of the red snack and then kills them after she feeds them.

She then takes the leftovers and puts them in a trash bag, along with the items that she tied them up with and everything that could lead to her, like pieces of her hair. She goes through the house cleaning it, getting rid of any evidence that points to her. She cleans anything she has touched and flakes of her dry skin sticking to anything. To clean up she uses lemon juice and bleach. She puts everything back in the places where they were before she came into the picture. She cleans up the bodies and lays them back into their beds and sleeping bags.

Before she left with the trash bag, she looked through the house for the twenty-fifth time. She’s happy that she picked the house that’s five miles away from any other houses. She walks into the woods that lead to an underground tunnel that goes to a different forest five towns away. That forest has a house that she hides at from time to time.

Once there, she burns the bag in the fireplace. She goes to the kitchen to make her favorite snack- Pie Dough: Jack the Ripper’s Way. She smiles as she takes a bite from it. She takes the bowl to the living-room which is where she’s burning the bag and she eats. She takes care of the fire for the rest of the night. 

Pie Dough: Jack the Ripper’s Way

The amount is what you want. There’s no one cup of this, half cup of that. 







Once you have the amount that you want, you mix it all together.

Then eat it and enjoy it

“This is just in” The newswoman says “a family of six and three girls were murdered in their home. The police are still looking into their deaths.”

“We now have the names and ages of the victims” The woman looks at the paper that’s in front of her “John Warranton; the father, age 47. Rose Warranton; the mother, age 45. Robert; the father of John, age 91. Linda; the grandmother, age 87. Jason; the son, age 16. Anne; the daughter, age 10. The three girls are Anne’s friends which are: Jessie Anderin; age 10, Emma Jackman; age 9, and Lily Warmson; age 9.”

“The police have given us information of the murder” She takes a deep breath and begins “The bodies were found in their beds and sleeping bags. They died by stab wounds, blood loss, and shock. The adults were missing their eyes, hearts, lungs, and five of their fingers on the right hand. It seems like the son and the three girls were forcibly made to eat a mixture of the missing body parts of the adults and flour, sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. The son died by being stabbed in the heart and lungs, twenty-five times. The daughter died by her face being smashed in, her hair was scalped and place on her brother’s head, her ears were removed and her brother was forced to eat them. Jessie was stabbed in the neck and when the police moved her body, her head fell of. Emma died by being stabbed in the back of her head. Lily died by having her tongue removed, choking on her own blood. All five were missing their fingers on the right hand.”

“The bodies were murdered away from their rooms and were placed back in their beds after the event.”

“The police are giving us permission to release this information that they were working and trying to find more about ” She stares into the camera “we have just been told that they found a name written on a notecard that was hidden in a desk in the daughter’s room. ‘Miss Twenty-five’ was written in the blood of all ten victims. There was no fingerprints that they could find anywhere in the house or outside of the house. ‘Miss Twenty-five’ is a killer that appeared in twenty-three murder cases and is still on the run. The killer is the type that will clean up after themselves and puts everything back where it was before they came. So please be careful. Lock your doors and windo-.”

The T.V. is turned off by the long dark brown lady with the red sweater. She shakes her head. She can still get into a locked house and make sure that it doesn’t look like someone broke in. She makes sure she hides most of her tracks but leave her calling card behind. She has also murdered twenty-eight other times before they started to keep records of the murders. Plus the two she did when she was five years old. But she understands why they didn’t connect her to them, its because she didn’t come up with her nickname yet.

The lights starts to dim in and out and the sound of static enters the room when a tall faceless man, with black tentacles wearing a black dress suit and a red tie, walks into the space. 

“I told you to space out your killings, Lennia.” the deep voice echoes through the room.

“I did. I haven’t killed in the past five months. I don’t kill has much as Jeffery and Jack.” She looks up at him from her chair that she’s sitting in. “But I can’t believe that they overlook the flowers that I left behind. I bet that someone in the family brought them in the house.”

“That is true, but please be careful.” He pats her head, causing her hair to become a bit more of a mess than normal.

“I am careful” She smirks at him “ I make sure of it.”

Miss Twenty-Five #Two
This story is about my creepypasta and a school project. I was asked nicely to make another story about her and I was told by my teacher to make a story about a recipe. So this is what I made. The recipe was made by my sister who I nicknamed 'Jack the Ripper', but on here her name is Shadowpixie-Studios . She got first place with this recipe in a school cooking contest. She forgot to put in eggs in the Pie Dough recipe, but it came out great, we use to make this all the time when I was younger. I still make this for time to time.

Btw, my teacher didn't let me finish reading this even though she let other teens to finish their way more violence and gore story than mine was.... But I still like the teacher, even though she didn't let me finish reading... :P
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